Our Strategy



The first step to generating superior returns is to buy the asset at the right price. Red Summit focuses on markets that demonstrate rapid job growth and projected positive absorption. This ensures maximum upside in each investment. The team also conducts comprehensive due diligence on each asset it seeks to acquire. This includes books and records review, lease file audit, unit and common area inspections, environmental records review with recommended testing, title/survey review, and zoning compliance review. Red Summit also conducts a market rent study that compares the subject property’s net economic rent among its competitors. All these activities contribute to the creation of a business plan that will maximize returns while minimizing ownership risk.



Red Summit seeks opportunities to reposition each asset it acquires through capital improvements, rebranding, and creative management tactics. Our deep experience in construction management and asset management gives us a unique advantage. The team oversees renovation scope and budget carefully, continuously evaluating renter response in real-time and making changes to maximize the return of every dollar invested in capital projects. Our senior-level team oversees 3rd party property management to control operating expenses and ensure maximum rents are achieved.



Once the value has been added to the project, Red Summit looks to exit the asset to maximize the annual return to its investors. This exit could be in the form of a sale or a refinance. The team’s experience through multiple real estate cycles ensures the most effective plan to exit each asset, drawing upon both discipline and data to protect the capital of our investors.

acquisition criteria

Asset Type

Multi-family or single-family portfolios

Asset Age

1990+ construction

Asset Location

Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio

Deal Size

$40 million+ purchase price