Core Strengths



The Red Summit team has collectively acquired over 100,000 apartment units in their careers. Through rigorous financial modeling with sensitivity testing, competitive analysis, and extensive financial/physical due diligence, we leave nothing within our control to chance.


Asset Management.

Red Summit boosts returns through experienced oversight of institutional property management teams. A cadence of site visits, onsite team training/engagement, competitive analysis, marketing strategy, construction planning, and supervision ensure proper execution of Red Summit’s business plan for each asset.


Market Analysis.

Intimate local knowledge of target markets is one of the Red Summit’s competitive advantages. Whether analyzing risk factors, local market trends, neighborhood nuances, or financial assumptions, our team of seasoned partners avoid costly errors commonly made by outsider investors by focusing on the markets they know best.


Sourcing Materials.

Sourcing the best materials for the lowest price is one of the biggest challenges for value-add operators today. We have direct international and domestic relationships with manufacturers of many of these components, including, but not limited to, flooring, hardware, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. We can purchase these at lower prices because we eliminate the multiple layers of brokers and agents that normally drive costs up.


Construction Oversite.

Our team has directly overseen multifamily renovations of over 500,000 apartment units across the United States. Renovation strategy, including scheduling and budgeting, often determines the success of a value-add deal. Both on the planning stage, and as challenges arise, we have the experience to solve problems swiftly and fulfill the vision we have for our assets.

A Focused Data Driven Approach.



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