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Multi-Family Property Investors.

We exist to provide our capital partners superior risk-adjusted returns by matching entrepreneurial strategies with institutional level oversight

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Red Summit Partners, LLC pursues opportunistic real estate investments in the United States. Red Summit sources value-add and distressed properties through foreclosure, bankruptcy, or short sales, and repositions them by adding extensive capital improvements, improving revenue, and reducing expenses using institutional-quality property management.

Red Summit drives superior risk-adjusted returns for our capital partners through rigorous financial analysis, intimate local market knowledge, and a unique focus on cutting-edge value creation.


While most wild animals run away from storms, buffalo run toward them to get to the other side more quickly. At Red Summit, we lean into challenges because we believe that is when value is created. Then we take decisive action.

As fiduciaries for our investors, we are trusted to make business decisions every day to maximize returns. As action steps are considered, we accept accountability from all stakeholders to ensure that our actions are fair to all concerned. We practice transparent, candid, and consistent communications with our investors.

Red Summit investment parameters are maintained within our circle of competence, and we use this circle as a filter for new opportunities. Once we decide to move forward, we use real-time data to constantly challenge our original theses to ensure maximum return on investment for each project.

We believe that creating a legacy is just as important as current success. We demonstrate this through a culture of developing ourselves and the people we work with. We know we’ve achieved this value when today’s employees become tomorrow’s leaders.

At Red Summit, we approach our business in the spirit of gratitude, joy, and fellowship. We develop relationships in our business beyond transactions, and work with others that share this principle. We prioritize family life for all our team members and partners.

A Focused Data Driven Approach.


ryan akins managing principal

Ryan M. Akins

Managing Principal

jr bolos managing principal

JR Bolos

Managing Principal

ted broadfoot managing principal

Ted Broadfoot

Managing Principal

kc kronbach managing principal

KC Kronbach

Managing Principal

michael medanich managing principal

Michael Medanich

Managing Principal